Bitcoin Alliance of Canada to Host Bitcoin Expo in Toronto

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Andreas Antonopoulos on the Future Of Bitcoin @Toronto Bitcoin Expo 2014

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Does anyone have the Monetas talk from the Toronto Bitcoin Expo? Anyone who hasn't seen this really should!

This talk really got me most excited about Bitcoin's & crypto's future out of anything at the conference. From the things Monetas is doing in Switzerland and how closely they are working with Ethereum to Open Transactions' completely open source nature, Monetas is setting up to become the most exciting things to hit crypto since Bitcoin itself! I am extremely excited to see this project take our space to the next level. I see a future where BTC + Ethereum + OT will become an unstoppable powerhouse working in symphony to truly take crypto where we all know it is going!
If anyone has the video could you please post it? I would love to watch it again and I think it's really important that more people become aware of what is going on over there in Switzerland.
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Hey guys, some of the Devs from will be attending the Toronto Bitcoin Expo, this weekend April 12-13 Come out to the expo and meet us!

We had such a successful time at the Cryptocurrency Convention in NYC, that we thought it would be a good idea to attend the Toronto Bitcoin Expo this weekend! We are excited to meet you guys hopefully, so come out and show BlackCoin and us some support!
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Meet me in Toronto Bitcoin Expo (April 9-13)

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The Future Of Cryptocurrencies - Toronto Bitcoin Expo

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What to Expect at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo

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Toronto Bitcoin Expo, a quick look

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Toronto Bitcoin Expo Speakers Announced, Tickets On Sale

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Airbitz Wins Toronto Bitcoin Expo Hackathon with DarkMarket

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Robotic Charlie Shrem Appearance Unlikely at Toronto Bitcoin Expo

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Bylls — the Canadian Bitcoin bill payment service by Bull Bitcoin — celebrates its 6th birthday

I sometimes find it hard to believe that it has already been 6 years since the public launch of Bylls on January 13 2014. What started out as a simple and humble “garage startup”, the world’s first Bitcoin bill payment service, evolved into so much more.
Bylls eventually became the company that people know today as Bull Bitcoin, and it is from Bylls’ UASF advocacy that sprouted the Cyphernode open-source project. I also like to think of Bylls as a “bitcoin culture” institution that served as the vanguard of the Bitcoin Maximalist and Cypherpunk movements within the Bitcoin exchange and payments industry.
Happy Birthday Bylls! 🎂

What is Bylls?

For those of you who don’t know about Bylls, here’s a short summary:

Short history of world’s first Bitcoin bill payment service

Bylls was founded in 2013 by Eric Spano, a Montreal entrepreneur part of the original Bitcoin Embassy team. Eric, one of my earliest and most influential mentors, is a true Bitcoin OG. Check out his 2014 Bitcoin Ted Talk or his 2019 Podcast on Tales From the Crypt which describes in great detail the inception of Bylls.
When Bylls was launched, I was Public Affairs Director at the Bitcoin Embassy, the world’s first physical Bitcoin hub (a 14,000 square feet building downtown Montreal). Bylls was effectively a one-man operation, with Eric doing pretty much everything himself. I wasn’t directly involved with the company, but Bylls was one of the startups in the Embassy’s incubator program, so I was helping out in various ways. My first “public appearance” in the Bitcoin industry was actually to man the Bylls booth at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo in 2014!
In 2015, Eric was offered a huge career opportunity that he couldn’t accept without stepping down from running Bylls. It was to me an inconceivable tragedy for Bitcoin to let Bylls quitely close down. For the past 2 years, whenever somebody asked me “what can you do with Bitcoin?”, I would always reply “well, for starters, you can pay all your bills in Canada, even your taxes and your credit card”. What was I going to say now?
I had just founded my company Satoshi Portal Inc. with the aim of developing a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange (which eventually became Bull Bitcoin). And so, I acquired Bylls from Eric and it immediately became the focus of all my energy. For the first year, our team consisted of only 2 people including our lead developer Arthur which is still working on Bylls features to this day. From the beginning until today, we are still 100% self-funded. We grew organically and slowly. My philosophy on entrepreneurship and startup scaling is articulated in this medium post.It has been an incredibly intense journey. I cannot think of a more challenging professional experience than being a startup founder and entrepreneur in the Bitcoin industry. The number of Bitcoin startups that have perished since is a stark reminder. Some of them sank quietly, but many went down in flames taking down their users with them. The fact that Bylls is still standing — without VC funding and with its reputation intact — is my proudest achievement.
Over the past 4 years. we completely redesigned the software, continuously adding new features, but the core of the service remained the same. Most importantly, we added the ability for users to pay any individual or business in Canada by creating a personal biller from their bank details. Previously, they were limited to Bylls’ biller list of around 9000 billers.
One of the defining moments in the history of Bylls was UASF. Bylls was one of the first Bitcoin companies to support BIP-148 for the activation of Segwit (second after Bitconic). Not only that, but we were the first to run a public BIP-148 block explorer and public UASF electrum server. We had done a “seppuku pledge” regarding BIP-148, meaning that we would only accept coins from the UASF segwit chain and would pay the Bitcoin market price for them. If UASF had failed, we would not have survived. This cemented our ideology of “skin-in-the-game”. We would never compromise on our values, no matter the cost. Our policy on forks (2017) was described here. But the jist of it is:
Satoshi Portal is a Bitcoin-only company and does not conduct any transaction in any altcoin, including altcoins that are the result of a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and which can be spent with Bitcoin private keys. This includes, but is not limited to, the coins commonly referred to as BCash, Segwit2X, BGold, Clams and Lumens.We strongly oppose the “New York Agreement” and will under no circumstance ever recognize the Segwit2X blockchain (and BTC1 client) as Bitcoin, regardless of market response or hashing power. In the unlikely event that an overwhelming majority of the Bitcoin ecosystem migrates to the Segwit2X blockchain, Satoshi Portal will continue nevertheless to support the Bitcoin blockchain.
Following the UASF/NO2X “war” in 2017, we devoted a large prortion of ressources to building Cyphernode, an open-source project that makes it very easy for startups to build and deploy Bitcoin applies without any third-parties, using exclusively their own full nodes. We are still developing this project today and plan on actively maintaining it in the future.
It is also worth noting that Bylls has never accepted any altcoins and was one of the first company to pledge never to accept altcoins in the future, leading to what became the “Bitcoin-Only” movement. We were also the first Bitcoin exchange and payment processing company, to our knowledge, that has integrated coinjoin as part of its processes.

Unbanking yourself with Bylls

The coolest feature of Bylls is that you can pay pretty much all your expenses with Bitcoin without needing to go through a bank account. In Canada, you can obtain a credit card without having it linked to a bank account. In 2016, the last of my personal bank accounts was closed due to my activities in the Bitcoin industry. I decided not apply at another bank and try the experiment of living completely unbanked. I’m happy to report it was a success, and serves as a powerful testament for the use-cases provided by Bylls.
I really like the idea of not owning any fiat. You can pay pretty much all daily expenses with a credit card, and pay back the debt with Bitcoin. Of course you have fiat-denominated debts which conveniently tends to diminish in price over time.
You can withdraw cash from a credit card and pay it off instantly with Bylls, so you can get access to cash at any time, in any country across the world, without having a bank account. The only inconvenience is the cash advance fee.
When you have to pay larger amounts such as rent or whatever services don’t accept cash or credit card, you can find the biller in the Bylls list or ask the recipient for his banking details, the same as you would for a wire transfer.

The future of Bylls

Many people ask us if we intend to expand outside of Canada. The answer is, unequivocally, no. We will always be a Canada-only, Bitcoin-only company. That doesn’t mean that we stop working hard to improve our services. We will continue to be the first to integrate the cutting-edge Bitcoin technologies that
Here is are some of the features you can expect in 2020:
Thanks for reading! 🎂
Yours truly,
Original post here:
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What do you think, fellow Shibes? Would this be rude?

Either way, the event looks like a great one for Canadian Shibes who'd like to learn more about the larger crypto-world:
Toronto Bitcoin Expo is from April 11th - 13th, 2014
You can buy tickets/register here
ANYWAY My point was:
If we can raise 25,000 we can be a Gold Sponsor for the event - which gets us:
They DO appear to have speakers from other coins at the event:
It would be kind of cool to have the Dogecoin logo up there on every volunteer's shirt and as an Official sponsor for the event.
I dunno, I generally tend towards keeping the peace but, speaking purely from a business standpoint, this might be some good press opportunity for all involved.
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Monetas and Open Transactions

At the Toronto Bitcoin expo I heard of the wickedly awesome stuff that was supposed to be coming from these guys. Yet again everything has gone quiet on this front and the video from this conference has still yet to be released. Where are we on this? This space is in such desperate need of this project... Are we close to making this usable??
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4/22/14 Video News - Bitcoin Political Donations, CoinKite Mini ATMs, MEVU Bracelet & A Bitcoin Gas Pump

Catch up with today's top news in Money & Tech:
The FEC is hold a hearing to consider a request from non-partisan political action committee Make Your Laws, which has asked for clarity around political donations with bitcoin. The FEC has already drafted two possible responses. One would limit bitcoin donations and prohibit any expenditures in the digital currency, and the other would limit neither. The FEC's final decision is expected by May 5th.
The Libertarian Party's 2016 Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry has announced that he is now accepting campaign contributions solely in bitcoin, litecoin, gold, silver and copper. This comes as no surprise given his party and campaign platform to abolish legal tender laws, repeal the monopoly granted to the federal reserve and allow for competing currencies to be circulated. Perry joins a short but growing list of politicians now accepting bitcoin for campaign donations, including Congressman Steve Stockman and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.
Canada-based CoinKite announced Monday that consumers can now begin buying and selling bitcoin and litecoin with CoinKite terminals, which were launched last Fall to help merchants easily accept bitcoin payments from customers. The terminals now have both a retail and an exchange mode, the latter allowing it to operate like a mini ATM. In-person exchange methods like these terminals could be the key to furthering adoption of digital currencies.
With demand for transparency in bitcoin company operations growing rapidly, Bitcoin exchange Vault of Satoshi today announced the first ever full public proof-of-solvency service for its customers, which it says is “not just an audit” but can provide full cryptographic proof that it holds all the bitcoins it claims to have in reserve. Now registered users can self-validate both their balance and the exchange's overall reserves by selecting ‘BTC Proof of Solvency’ in the company’s online Security Center.
Wearable technology startup MEVU has created a prototype for the first wearable bitcoin wallet, that lets users make payments and with just a flick of the wrist. The MEVU bracelet registers the wearer's movements to confirm small transactions with a nearby point-of-sale device using Bluetooth Low Energy and Coinbase's wallet API. Current point-of-sale technology is based on iOS, which has been notoriously anti-bitcoin wallet, so the MEVU team is hard at work developing a version for Android as well. The MEVU bracelet will be available for pre-order within a month.
Thermo dynamics researcher and Bitcoin enthusiast Andy Schroder has just created the world’s first commercial-ready Bitcoin fuel pump. The pump features a digital display with the current market-rate for fuel, as well as a wallet address and QR code where users can deposit bitcoin. Schroder has several more improvements planned, including Biodiesel compatibility and built-in Wi-Fi access. But he feels this version is ready for testing, and is “one step towards anchoring the purchasing power of Bitcoin to a range of physical commodities that are consumed by society regularly.”
The hackathon grand prize at the recent Toronto Bitcoin Expo was awarded to the team behind DarkMarket, an innovative peer-to-peer market that can be joined by anyone, complete with identity and reputation rankings, multi-sig escrow, and privacy features. The developers were very clear that this decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace is not intended as a black market for illicit goods, but rather as a free market where the state cannot “see and thereby control trade, but applies equally to trade over which the state asserts no control.”
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Pierre Bourque and I talking Bitcoin on 580CFRA Ottawa. Feedback please.

So yesterday at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo Pierre Bourque and I were elected as Directors of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada by our the members of the Alliance.
Today we talked for 30 minutes on Ottawa's #1 Talk Radio station 580 CFRA. Skip to 18:00 for our segment. I'm looking for feedback so we can improve going forward. We felt it went pretty well but there's always room for improvement. What do you think?
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Kerry Taylor at the Bitcoin and Real Estate Expo in Toronto. The Twitter feed is good, folks.

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Kerry Taylor at the Bitcoin and Real Estate Expo in Toronto. The Twitter feed is good, folks. /r/EnoughLibertarianSpam

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"In Cryptography We Trust" - Bitcoin Expo 2014 Coming to Canada . April 11-13 . Metro Toronto Convention Center
Greetings global Bitcoin community.
On behalf of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, I wish to invite you to one of the largest planned international Bitcoin events to date. Join us on April 11th-13th at Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Toronto. The prevailing theme will revolve around the growth and development of Bitcoin communities worldwide with a focus on collaborative and decentralized models. The Expo will be a showcase of prominent Bitcoin leaders, speakers, and businesses, and will be a stage where Canada can display its world class Bitcoin communities and business startups.
Canada is fast becoming known for its Bitcoin innovation and leadership charge. Recently, the world's first Bitcoin ATM went live within our borders. This was made possible by the legal and regulatory environment we're currently enjoying in Canada which is proving to be more Bitcoin friendly than many other nations around the world. We're excited to show you firsthand the enthusiasm and dedication of the Canadian Bitcoin community.
The Expo will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Center, Canada's largest conference and meeting facility, located next to Toronto's renowned financial district. Toronto is within a five-hour drive of some of the most populated cities in Canada, and is an hour drive from Niagara Falls and the border to the United States.
In addition to Bitcoin community building, other themes will revolve around Bitcoin and charitable giving, benefits Bitcoin can offer to developing nations, and policy and regulatory environments that we see being constructed around the world in response to this disruptive new innovation.
The Bitcoin Expo 2014 will be an event hosted by the Canadian Bitcoin community. However, we want to make this an international Bitcoin event, done in a collaborative way that will benefit Bitcoin communities not just in Canada but also specifically in under-developed areas and in areas where Bitcoin is still in its infancy. We will be offering scholarships that will allow potential speakers who mkight otherwise be limited by financial or political constraints the opportunity to visit Toronto and share valuable perspectives on Bitcoin. Again, this is an event put on by the Bitcoin community... for the Bitcoin community. It will be organized 100% by volunteers, and all proceeds will be returned to the Bitcoin community in a crowdsourced way that's decided by the membership of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. This is a non-profit event dedicated to assisting speakers, leaders, and business owners get their messages across. We would like everybody to participate, collaborate, and work together to make this the most meaningful Bitcoin event to date.
Please check back on our site frequently, as over the next few months we will continue to expand our already confirmed fantastic core group of speakers from around the world. We will soon announce the key dates, programs, and committees, and over the next couple months, sponsorship and exhibitor placements will be filled.
Tickets will go on sale in early 2014. Should you have any questions, should you wish to become a speaker or contribute in any way, or if you'd just like to talk Bitcoin, please give me a call at +1 416,831,9593, email me at [email protected], or contact me via Skype; user name a.diiorio.
I'm excited the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is hosting this event. Please join us. Canada welcomes you!
Anthony Di Iorio Executive Director Bitcoin Alliance of Canada
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Bitcoin Expo in Toronto

I'm going to be there. Who else is coming?
I realize the price is in the dumpsters. But don't worry about price. Perfect time to buy more I say! Buy and hold is the best strategy. Oh, and spend. :)
Stop the conference and say hi if you are in town!
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Going to Bitcoin Expo Toronto...To Promote Dogecoin

I know there will be dragons, but I'm armed with my mobile wallet and my charming attitude. Wish me luck fellow shibes, hopefully I'll convert a few.
BTW, any backup arguments you can provide is much helpful.
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In-Crypto-We-Trust Bitcoin Expo Hackathon - Toronto, April 10th-11th

The In-Crypto-We-Trust Hackathon will take place during the two days preceding the Bitcoin Expo, April 10th and 11th. Information is available here:
Great prizes have been announced and awesome teams are showing up! If you want to work on a cutting edge prototype that leverages blockchain technology, this is a great opportunity to network, learn, and build.
Location: Bitcoin Decentral. 64 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
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Anyone here attending Bitcoin Expo in Toronto?
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Amir Taaki Dr. Craig Wright brings his vision of freedom to Expo-Bitcoin International 2019 Bitcoin SV's challenges and wins as discussed during CoinGeek Toronto 2019 #DrinksDemos: Bitcoin For The Rest of Us Bitcoin Expo 2014  Toronto, Canada

Lining up plans in Toronto? Whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find something on Eventbrite that piques your interest. A team of developers has won the Bitcoin Expo hackathon in Toronto with DarkMarket, an innovative peer-to-peer market open to everyone, everywhere. Crypto Coin Expo brought you to KryptoNight Toronto Spring 2018 – An exciting new concept event that brought together professionals, bankers, investors, educators, miners, thought leaders and enthusiasts from different parts of the world, with the intent to provide the real perspective on the state of the cryptocurrency industry, future trends, business opportunities and innovations. Eventbrite - Bitcoin Bay presents Toronto BlockHack Expo 2020: part of Toronto Blockchain Week - Friday, April 3, 2020 Sunday, April 5, 2020 at George Brown College, Toronto, ON. Find event and ticket information. Blockhack Expo, which was set to run from April 3-9, will be postponed this year. As much as we were looking forward to bringing together the blockchain community for a large ... #bitcoin expo 2014 toronto Bitcoin Nereye Gidiyor? Bitcoin’in Ocak ayından bu yana yaşanan olumsuz gelişmelere rağmen ayakta kalmayı başarması artık bu eko sistemin belirli bir dirence ulaştığının sinyallerini veriyor.

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Amir Taaki "We are the custodians of life's meaning"

Jimmy Nguyen succinctly sums up the agenda of the CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019: 1:09 2. How Bitcoin SV will help business succeed through its simplicity and scalability: 10:23 Dr. Craig Wright brings his vision of freedom to Expo-Bitcoin International ... CoinGeek 7,382 views. 22:35. Jimmy Nguyen opens CoinGeek Toronto, urging Bitcoin SV to rise - Duration: 24:08 ... Toronto Book Expo Video Podcasts uniquely showcases amazing and intriguing Canadian and international authors. Since it's inception in 2009, the decentralized cryptocurrency better known as Bitcoin has been a source of excitement, controversy and intrigue. On February 18th, 2015 at Project: OWL in Toronto ... I had the chaotic joy of running around with Amir Taaki (listed by Forbes as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs of 2014) at Toronto's bitcoin expo. A big congratulations to him on winning the ...