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Salvaging an old wallet (2011)

Did mining way back in 2011. got bored with it, formatted computer with new OS. Time moved on. Miraculously I was able to salvage the wallet from the hd, but getting corruption issues. When I try to load, I get:
wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed.
So far I've tried:
bitcoin-qt --salvagewallet
pywallet --dumpwallet
pywallet --recover
none worked.
recover did produce a wallet but it had no keys. It's possible that the file got corrupted somewhere along the road, but I was able to open it up in a hex editor and it's not all gibberish.
any ideas? This would have been on something like version 0.3.22 or .23 if that makes a difference.
I have no idea whats on this. Could be a bunch, could be nothing. Would like to know. If anyone helps and there's more than cobwebs and moths in it, I'll tip!
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need help. My wallet destroyed just now!

***Finally get back from An old .bak file. The .bak file today still can't open. No loss anyway
Thank you my friends.
However, I strongly urge Bitcoin foundation who maintains bitcoind improve its security greatly. It's not hard to solve if you see Bitcoin as money, as people's wealth.
Also, just now I sent the btc to my main wallet. and set the"change" to go to a coinbase address. But after being sent, I saw there is a remind "unknown address", and the 0.00xx btc now lies in the software. WTF?
Could you give users some better experience, Bitcoin Foundation? Bitcoin is no longer a toy, it's now money, you know? You need fear while dealing with things about money.
You can do much better.
Bitcoin as a science is perfect, But the related business/foundation as a technology don't deserve the honor. I know it feels cynicism. But they don't love & don't fear users.
Ok, it seems that I become the new victim of "salvaged fail". 15% of Life savings oh.
I no longer want to accuse Bitcoin foundation. They don't care, so do I.
The story: My laptop ran out of power while Bicoind was running. So the wallet corrupt for ever. Then I was so nervous that I copy another wallet.dat to make a backup without stopping bitcoind, then the 2nd wallet corrupt for ever.
I no longer, no longer want to accuse. i lost strength to accuse.
I ever thought 15% did not deserve to care enough, until one day I lost it.
Sorry, i am too sad
I use windows. SSD (macbook pro)
It seems the reason why this occured is that my laptop ran out of power while the bitcoind runing.
  1. I don't have any backup file.
  2. I have used this wallet.dat for more than one year. And in the past 5 months, I never use it.
  3. just now, I opened the bitcoind with the command -salvagewallet, and it says it needs to reindex, i choose "no". S it closed. And said “salvage failed"
  4. I saw the wallet.dat disappeared, and there appears a new file "wallet.*****(timestamp).bak", which I can't open.
I tried to relaunch bitcoind several times, with or without "-salvagewallet", every time failed.
I still have hope because One webpage I searched says "Warning: wallet.dat corrupt, data salvaged! Original wallet.dat saved as wallet.{timestamp}.bak in /root/.c-note; if your balance or transactions are incorrect you should restore from a backup."
But what I saw is "salvage failed", So I am a little nervous.
Shall I use the "-loadblock=wallet.14***(timestamp).bak" command? thanks
  1. So what can I do now to get my coins back?
is it able to get .dat from this new-generated .bak?thanks
thank you very much.
Anyone knows how to get bitcoin qt to recognise the presence of the corrupted wallet? thanks conf?
file unknown has LSN 1/263145, past end of log at 1/198476 Commonly caused by moving a database from one database environment to another without clearing the database LSNs, or by removing all of the log files from a database environment Page 0: metadata page corrupted Page 0: could not check metadata page wallet.dat: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed file unknown has LSN 1/263145, past end of log at 1/199524 Commonly caused by moving a database from one database environment to another without clearing the database LSNs, or by removing all of the log files from a database environment wallet.1428881042.bak: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database verification failed
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In a fit of frustration I deleted my whole roaming file containing 50% (days worth of waiting) of the blockchain and together with it my wallet. I've recuver-ed it, but when i replace it with the new wallet.dat file bitcoin core keeps giving me the "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed" msg. Can someone please help? I've google-d my ass off and tried electrum but nothings working. There's not much in the wallet but ill be willing to give 10% of it to whoever can help. I'm in a tight situation right now IRL and really need to cash out. Regards
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Help recovering a corrupted wallet.dat file

I'm not sure this is quite the right subreddit for this, but y'all seem forgiving and helpful so I figured I'd start here. I have a wallet.dat file from forever ago that ended up getting deleted with an OS reinstall, but I recovered it with EaseUS. However, when I try to use it in Bitcoin Core, I get an error saying "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed". Then I found this link, which seems to allow you to pull private keys off of a wallet. However wallets are now encrypted, so my question is this: is there some way to unencrypt a corrupted wallet.dat file such that I can pull my private keys off of it with a hex editor? Thanks for your help.
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Old wallet.dat corrupt with error "wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed" anything i can do?

Hey guys, so I have a old wallet.dat dating back to 2013. I downloaded the newest version of bitcoin core and replaced the wallet.dat with my old one but receive the error "wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed" . I have googled and looked for answers for anything i could do to salvage my old wallet as I believe there is some coin in there. Currently I am running bitcoin core -rescan and -reindex functions with the old wallet.dat in place to see if it will read it properly. Everything I have found points to using the python script, pywallet, to recover old wallets. My problem is im python illiterate and have no idea how to use it and install the necessary packages to python27 needed for pywallet. Any help either with python or other means of recovering the old wallet dat is much appreciated and will pay .05 btc (pending the old wallet dat has some btc in it) to anyone who helps me solve the problem. Thanks!
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In a fit of frustration I deleted my whole roaming file containing 50% (days worth of waiting) of the blockchain and together with it my wallet. I've recuver-ed it, but when i replace it with the new wallet.dat file bitcoin core keeps giving me the "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed" msg. Can someone please help? I've google-d my ass off and tried electrum but nothings working. There's not much in the wallet but ill be willing to give 10% of it to whoever can help. I'm in a tight situation right now IRL and really need to cash out.
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Had to refresh windows 8 on laptop, are my coins irrecoverable?

I have a laptop with windows 8.1 for about 2.5 years, recently OS started bugging out, wouldn't load windows after login screen (black desktop, no apps, no explorer). After several restarts it usually managed to start ok.
I was prompted to run checkdisck, which I did, it discovered a serious error and asked for restart. It tried repairing itself there but was unable to and wouldn't start at all after. I had the option to Refresh and i proceeded, without thinking about losing my bitcoin wallet. Biggest mistake is that i defragged the hdd two times after.
After refresh, i installed bitcoin core client and it promped me with 0 balance and 3 years to catch back on blockchain (latter is normal i guess). I then panicked and stoped it, thinking i should ask first how to proceed.
It was a modest sum, of about 0.4 btc if i remember correctly, but i would like to know if i can do something to have it back.
Edit: (maybe someone else finds this useful):
I've used Undelete to recover data, i've found a wallet.
Digging further, i've used DeepScan feature to search again and found another entry for wallet, this time in windows.old...appdata\roaming\bitcoin so it appears the file was originally backed up but then deleted (i'm 100% positive i've haven't deleted it). That feature also uncovered many 'wallet' files, but i imagine some are windows related? walletframe.cpp or .h , walletmodel, walletstack etc.
Now i have two wallets, both same size ~152kb, none work when copy-pasted in Bitcoin folder (by replacing the new, empty wallet). I get ”wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed”
Another redditor told me to try opening it with a hex editor, and now i'm trying to find a way to work it from there, although this is far from my expertise and i expect i won't be able to do much.
A data recovery would cost me ~140 USD and it would still be a gamble, so considering there was only 0.4xx btc there, i don't think this approach is feasible. I'm considering looking for a redditor that can try the recovery and split the btc there, if he's interested.
thanks to introshine and 5tu for helping to figure the edited part
edit2: link to bounty topic http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/2s62kb/bounty_corrupted_wallet_after_windows_81_refresh/
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So apparently I lost over 130,000 Dogecoins?

Opened up my Dogecoin client this morning and it gave an error message "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed". I freaked out a little as I hadn't done anything to my client (no updates) and I was simply opening up the same way I had numerous times before.
So luckily I had backed up my wallet.dat a week prior. I loaded this back into the "Roaming" folder but no luck on reload, same error. It also creates a wallet.10numbers.bak file when the error message appears.
Just updated now to the new 1.5.1. Got the same error, tried a second time loading in my wallet.dat (after deleting the .bak file) and it worked. However it shows 0 coins, 0 transaction history, nothing. Just like a brand new wallet.
So I'm kinda wondering what the hell happened and why my wallet got corrupted out the blue in the first place. I'm certainly no cryptocurrency expert, but I've got Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin wallets and have never had any problems whatsoever with them. Also done wallet backups and restores without issue.
Can Dogecoin not sort the simplest of operations out? I've noticed quite a few people complain about this. It's really quite sad.
Any assistance would be appreciated :)
PS: this is an encrypted wallet
UPDATE: I got it back! When I originally had problems I did another backup of the Dogecoin folder (before I reinstalled the software and upgraded to 1.5.1). Just now I noticed another file in there named "wallet.dat.rewrite". I totally uninstalled everything (deleted "Roaming" folder too) and changed this .rewrite file to wallet.dat and put that back in "Roaming" with a fresh install of the 1.5.1 and it works! Thank you to those who offered help. Much appreciated :)
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holy f what a scary couple days

i'm probably the dumbest on /bitcoin with no back-up of my wallet. about a week ago i realized my wallet wasn't syncing, so i started messing around with the filesystem (deleting everything except for the wallet, etc...) and got the "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed" message. i tried everything with pywallet and recovery tools to no avail. i cleared out the bitcoin data folder numerous times. nothing was working. i just restored the original files to the folder, and started it up, and i can at least get to my wallet now. thankfully i have a different location than the default one (i have an ssd for my main drive, and no recycle bin). and somehow it appears to be syncing, and fast. now it's time for sleep.
TL;DR back up your wallet, and don't do stupid stuff.
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PSA: Added Step May Be Needed When Restoring a Backup Encrypted wallet.dat to Bitcoin Core

TL;DR: To successfully restore an encrypted wallet.dat file, the instance of Bitcoin Core getting restored to needs to first have Encryption turned on and possibly the same Passphrase set as the wallet.dat file you are restoring. It seems this must be done before you restore your encrypted wallet.dat from backup, or Bitcoin Core will just show a zero balance.
For the record, the set-up for this situation was as follows: Bitcoin Core (formerly Bitcoin-Qt), Windows x86 version, on Windows XP Pro patched for 2019 PoS updates.
Recently, my Bitcoin Core hot wallet had been acting up and crashing after about 6 to 12 hours of uptime. I thought that there was possibly some corruption in Core's database files, so I backed up my wallet.dat and started deleting block chain data/index files to see if a rescan or reindex would correct the problem. I tried to save time by not deleting everything, only certain file types. I managed to somehow screw up and got the dreaded "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed" message.
Since I had a backup, I didn't bother trying the "-salvagewallet" command-line option (which might have actually corrected my problem.) Instead, I went straight for a restore from backup.
Some time ago, and on a much older version of Bitcoin-Qt I had familiarized myself with the wallet.dat backup and restore process. I never had a problem with it. But thinking back, I may have done all of my testing with unencrypted wallet.dat files.
In this case, I uninstalled Core, deleted everything in the Bitcoin data directory, reinstalled Core, used bootstrap.dat to catch up as much of the block chain as possible, and let the new install finish syncing from the Internet. Once Core was up-to-date, I closed it and restored my encrypted wallet.dat from backup.
In my previous experience, I'd be done at this point. The next time I started the wallet, it would have automatically rescanned, and I'd be back in business. This time, when the wallet finally started up again, it showed no errors, the block chain was still fully synced up, but the wallet showed a zero balance. Not a good feeling.
I thought maybe I'd need to manually start Core using the "-rescan" command-line option. I tried this, but got the same result.
After mulling things over, I finally guessed that the problem might have something to do with Core's wallet.dat encryption.
I again deleted the wallet.dat file from the Bitcoin data directory and restarted Core. Once it finished generating a new wallet.dat file, I enabled Encryption and set the same Passphrase as the wallet.dat file I was trying to restore. Core shut itself down to complete encrypting the new wallet.dat file. Next, I started Core once again to make sure all was OK with new encrypted but empty wallet.dat. I then closed Core and replaced the zero-balance wallet.dat file with my recent backup. That finally did the trick. On the next start, Core automatically did a rescan and my balance reappeared.
I don't know for sure if this behavior is the same across all the different flavors of Bitcoin Core (x64, OSX, Linux), but I suspect it might be. Also, it might work just to enable Encryption, but it might not be necessary to have the same Passphrase. I can only confirm that it worked in my case with the same Passphrase.
This little adventure was unnerving, particularly since Core issues no errors and just insists there's a zero balance. I thought I should relate what I learned in case someone else encounters the same situation.
Cheers, and to the moon!
EDIT: At least a couple posts so far report not seeing the same behavior I did. I'm glad if it's a non-issue, and I can't explain why it happened to me. I can just suggest if you have similar issues, it might be worth it to give this method a try.
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Reminder - bitcoin is beta software! Corrupt wallets, bugs, errors, oh my! I dodged a bullet today, make sure you are prepared for disaster too!

Hello everyone,
This is a public service announcement brought to you by a fellow bitcoiner who dodged a bullet today.
I'm very adamant about backups, having lost data many years ago, I always try to make sure I have backups of backups now. External hard drives, raids, the cloud, leverage anything and everything to insure you won't lose data.
Well today it all came to fruition. If I was not so strong willed about keeping backups, I might have lost all my bitcoins today. Last night I went to sleep with the bitcoin program working perfectly on my computer. I run debian, nothing fancy or crazy or custom, just a stock os with a stock bitcoin install.
I wake up today and bitcoin has quit itself last night. I load bitcoin-qt and I get the, "your database has corrupted, would you like to try to fix" dialogue box. I select yes, it looks like it's working but gets near the end and dies. This looks like the same issue I had weeks ago. I alerted sipa, one of the main developers about it and was informed it was probably an os level instability on my end. This was weeks ago, so I reinstalled my system entirely, did memory checks and checked the hard drive for bad blocks or corruption to rule out hardware issues.
So here we are, on a brand new os install, with a brand new bitcoin install, with a fresh blockchain, and yes it totally corrupted itself in the middle of the night without any user interaction on my part.
So back to the story, I keep a copy of the blockchain before any corruptions occur on an external hard drive so I can easily reload in case this exact situation occurs. So I nuke the old one, load this existing blockchain, and am greeted with this lovely dialogue box I've never seen before, "wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed". My heart skips a beat. Really? My wallet is also corrupted? Great.
Luckily I keep encrypted incremental backups on one of my external drives, decrypt, load that, and am up and running again.
To all those who live dangerously without backups, you are playing with fire and WILL get burned eventually. If you are not making daily backups to multiple sources, you are doing it wrong. If I wasn't so careful, I'd currently be out hundreds of bitcoins, and possibly posting on the forums on how to fix a corrupt wallet.
If anybody is curious, the link below is the bug I ran into. I'm not sure if this is directly related to the wallet corruption. I'm guessing its at least related to the blockchain corruption though, because this is the exact same error I received last time my blockchain corrupted itself. I alerted one of the main developers to my issue, so at least they are aware of it.
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[HELP] Wallet.dat corrupted

Hi all! I recovered one blackcoin wallet.dat file with like 1000-1200 BC from a corrupted partition. When i copy it to the Appdata/Blackcoin folder, and launch the BlackcoinQT wallet say:
wallet.dat corrupt salvage failed :'(
Well, i try with Pywallet in other PC with Debian but that say:
ERROR:root:Couldn't open wallet.dat/main. Try quitting Bitcoin and running this again.
In that fresh minimal Debian 7.0 system i dont have wallets running. I have full permisions 777 and im root.
Any can say me other wallets tools to recover the private key ? Thanks all!
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wallet.dat with 1 BTC Balance How to recover funds from a currupted bitcoin wallet tutorial on how to decrypt a bitcoin wallet backup to use with multibitHD Easily Fix Corrupt wallet.dat file Bitcoin, altcoins Helping to restore Bitcoin Wallet, wallet.dat recovery

trying to recover an older wallet, Get the error message : wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed No clue what it means or how I can solve it. Any advice is appreciated ... If you have your backup, you can try to dump the private keys from it. First, backup your corrupt file somewhere. Close Litecoin QT. Copy your backed up "good" wallet to your wallet.dat (save the corrupt file somewhere else) I wrote a guide to corrupt Bitcoin Wallet recovery. Yes, you should use pywallet. It can dump the private keys from your wallet to a file even if Bitcoin Core fails to salvage it. You can then import them into a new wallet. Dump the wallet with pywallet to extract the private keys: python pywallet.py –dumpwallet > wallet.text --passphrase ... I bought bitcoins about a year half ago and my hard drive broke and i managed to recover them using a recovery tool that found wallet.dat from a deleted wallet on another hard drive but its courrped and wont work at all. i tired something to do wtih python dbdump.py --wallet but it failed, is there anything i can do any help would be great.The wallet.dat is only 112kb i dont know if that matters. You need to run the client with the -salvagewallet command-line option which moves any existing wallet.dat to wallet.[timestamp].dat and then attempts to salvage public/private keys and master encryption keys (if the wallet is encrypted) into a new wallet.dat. Once you have your keys in place you can import them into a fresh copy of bitcoin and recover your balance.

[index] [18107] [36976] [23793] [42558] [42198] [13375] [19268] [34809] [9103] [46548]

wallet.dat with 1 BTC Balance

Helping to restore Bitcoin Wallet Available at least four methods of recovery of Bitcoin wallet.dat. There is an opportunity to recover both old of 2010, and new wallet of 2015-17. how to restore bitcoin wallet from an old file or ... Using salvagewallet to save a corrupt Bitcoin Wallet file - Duration: 7:55. Bitcoin Daytrader 1,489 views. 7:55. How To Insert Image Into ... Learn how to use the -salvagewallet option with Bitcoin-Core Using salvagewallet to save a corrupt Bitcoin Wallet file - Duration: 7:55. Bitcoin Daytrader 1,303 views. 7:55. 8000 Bitcoin Wallet - Mined in 2009 and Never Moved - Duration: 6:54. ... Old wallet.dat file with 1 BTC Balance. Passphrase is available.(Just Pm me on Telegram or Email me after success Payment) Telegram : t.me/sah859 Email : qod...