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Official PotCoin Joint - Cannabis Currency

PotCoin, designed to empower, secure and facilitate our community's daily transactions. The budding / legalized Marijuana industry is literally calling out for its own distinct crypto-currency - PotCoin effectively forms a global community with each participant undoubtedly anchored in this new economy. On every level of the industry, aficionados can count on PotCoin to stand for truth and the exponential power of very large numbers.

Kraken Exchange

A place to discuss the Kraken Digital Assets Exchange

Support page for Kraken Digital Assets Exchange

Support page for Kraken Digital Assets Exchange

eToro and Coinbase Pro charts are totally different... (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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All time chart on Bitcoin Pro iOS app not working /r/Bitcoin

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All time chart on Bitcoin Pro iOS app not working /r/Bitcoin

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[Apps] Bitcoin (BTC, BCH, BTG) Price & Charts PRO, no ads (₹270 -> ₹110)

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site to watch bitcoin during the day

I like i look at that on and off all day pretty much). I like the colors and all the options.
What sites do you guys look at?
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Life Pro Tip: Close the charts. /r/Bitcoin

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12-22 04:12 - 'Life Pro Tip: Close the charts.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/HODLandBrash removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-4min

You'll be doing nothing but hurting yourself and wasting your time. If you're afraid as hell, then sell now and cut your losses. If you truly believe in Bitcoin, then close the chart and go do something. Staring at charts all day isn't gonna bring the price back up.
Life Pro Tip: Close the charts.
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: HODLandBrash
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Life Pro Tip: Close the charts.

The following post by HODLandBrash is being replicated because the post has been silently greylisted.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7lezhm
The original post's content was as follows:
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Trade Bitcoin Like a Pro Without Watching Charts All Day

This post reveals a surprising strategy used by bitcoin traders to beat the market with long-term positions.
Strategy introduction
At we provide bitcoin margin trading, with leverage of up to 10x. When trading at, long or short bitcoin positions are opened that create actual buys and sells on exchanges. This is known as order book execution. When a position is open for a greater period of time, the more interest a trader pays because they are borrowing the bitcoin used for leverage.
You would suspect that short-term positions are more profitable because less interest is paid, right? Surprisingly, this may not be the case. Our internal testing first indicated that holding positions for longer can be just as profitable as quick positions.
We then analysed thousands of trades to see if real bitcoin traders were also keeping positions open for more than three days. While it was less popular than day trading, those doing so were able to make more consistent profits.
Let’s take a closer look at the exact strategy these successful traders use.
1. The Swing Trader
Trade summary:
Chart summary:
Please note that the two Bitfinex positions have been put on the same Bitstamp chart for the purposes of this post. The yellow circles represent opens and the pink circles represent closes.
The primary strategy of this swing trader is to patiently trade major market movements. The first trades in August are a great example of taking a long-term view on the market and opening an appropriate position even if the market is flat.
Our trader here had confidence that when the bitcoin price does move, it moves massively. These significant price movements in bitcoin gave the swing trader an ROI above 100% for six unique positions .
2. Waiting for the bear whale
Trade summary:
Chart summary:
This trader adopted a great strategy of trading after price pumps, on the logic that the market is likely to correct itself.
Their best trades were going short after the October 2014 rally. Despite opening their positions during flat price movements, their strategy was to wait for a price drop. This happened when other traders took profits and the long-term bear trend recommenced.
Another interesting observation is that most of their positions were open for 5–7 days. At we have observed that, generally, a major price swing happens once a week. For those looking to time entry and exit points to catch price swings, make sure to have a sufficient account balance to keep your position open for at least five days.
3. The Bull Rider
Trade summary:
Chart summary:
Feb/March 4 Hour chart:
Our bull rider is skilled in following upward momentum, even in a downward market. Their strategy begins with opening long positions when the price already has upward momentum — watch the MACD to spot this for yourself.
However, instead of opening just one position, the bull rider opens two positions. This allows them to close one position earlier, at a profit, which provides ‘insurance’ in case the second position becomes unprofitable.
During the March 2015 rally, our trader was careful to take profits on the way up. A good trader never gets greedy. Yet the bull rider methodically opened position #3 before closing position #2. This tactic prevents traders from being caught-out by sudden price movements while they do not have a position open.
4. Steady Eddy
Trade summary:
Chart summary:
Steady Eddy is a great example of profitable trading, without taking unnecessary risks. After the price crash to ~165 USD in January 2015, this trader identified medium-term bull market.
Steady Eddy’s strategy is very simple. Enter a position that follows the overall direction, wait for a price rise — even if this takes several days — and then close the position.
Remember: just because you have closed a long position, does not mean it is a good idea to enter a short position. A safe approach is to only enter positions in favor of the wider market movement.
5. The Risk-Taker
Trade summary:
Chart summary:
Feb/March 4 Hour chart:
Unlike Steady Eddy, The Risk Taker had a more aggressive approach to trading. To begin with they opened two positions, similar to The Bull Rider, and was patient enough to wait for a significant price movement.
The Risk Taker later closed positions #1 and #2, then began waiting for a buying opportunity. This arose around the 5th of March and they opened three positions — a bold, but profitable move.
Our trader sets a great example of here of the two best times to close positions. Firstly when the rally looses steam at #4 (mostly profit takers here). And secondly, after a plateau, when the market heads down again at #3 and #5.
6 Tips to trade bitcoin more successfully
Based on the strategies of our trading pros, consider trying these six tips to replicate their success:
Do not be afraid to hold positions open for several days if you are confident you can predict the overall price direction.
Experiment with opening two positions, closing one sooner and the other later. The profit from the first position will act as insurance if the second becomes unprofitable. If the price moves in your favour the second position will become highly profitable.
When taking profits, try opening another position before closing the original position. This allows you to continue to profit from a sustained rally/crash while realizing your profits from the original position.
Open trades only in the direction that follows the long-term market trend to reduce your risk levels.
Closing one position does not mean you should open another position in the opposite direction.
Make sure to have a large enough account balance to cover the interest fees for borrowing leveraged bitcoin.
If you want to use the power of leverage / margin trading to increase your potential returns, check out We offer up to 10x leverage and order book execution on Bitfinex, Bitstamp and itBit.
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Fund Manager Picks Apart The Goldman Sachs 'Gold Is Better Than Bitcoin' Article…"All the pro/con-Bitcoin noise aside, without question the Bitcoin chart reflects "bubble-mania."

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Cash Poker Pro launches an ICO in October 2017 – Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis

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WTF Happened in 1971?

In a recent spillover of internet-based long-form intellectual new media into the mainstream, Eric Weinstein appeared as a guest on Ted Cruz's podcast. Eric was well prepared. Cruz played the role of a charitable and engaged critic while avoiding direct confrontation.
The conservation laid bare the intersection of the anti-corporate socialist left and anti-government libertarian right and the potential of these forces as a combined political interest. There was a strong sense of shared acknowledgement of the current crisis and they touched on all the culture war aspects. But I'm more interested in what Eric has pointed to now several times as the root cause of the systemic decline, and what seems to be the original trigger for the slow decay and building of tension that has ultimately led to the rise of darker elements on both the left and right that we see today: a Great Decoupling of productivity (GDP) and wage growth in the early 1970's. The significance of this time period has also been highlighted by Eric's boss, Peter Thiel.
We are referred to, where a collection of charts give the impression that a profound change in the foundations of the economy took place, effectively causing a divergence of all kinds of metrics related to equality, wealth creation, the complexity of regulation, and implicitly downstream effects like political polarization, incarceration rates, and age of marriage.
The simple, seemingly persuasive answer is that the effective cancellation of the gold standard set us on a path towards borrowing ever larger sums to avert financial crises as they arise, and the return to a currency backed by something provably scarce, i.e. bitcoin, is a solution.
I can't say I'm convinced it's that simple. And Eric doesn't mention currency specifically as the problem.
So what I want to know is, was 1971 a real inflection point, the real root of inequality and dysfunction we see today? Was the removal of limits on the Fed's ability to print money a mistake? Or was there some other government action or change at that time that was the real cause? Do we need to let stock market crashes happen from time to time?
A year ago, u/gwern posted a 1986 Atlantic article that described a lot of the problems in black America that are still around 4 decades later and offered more in the way of nuance and insight than most of the discourse we see today. What struck me on revisiting it was how the timing of the decline of Chicago aligns with the early 1970's trigger hypothesis:
In 1970 thirty-seven percent of the population of the area was below the poverty line; in 1980 the figure was 51 percent. In 1970 the unemployment rate was 9.5 percent; in 1980 it was 24.2 percent. In 1970 forty percent of the residents of the neighborhood lived in families with a female head; in 1980 the number had grown to 72 percent. In 1980 of the 54,000 residents 33,000 were on welfare. Experts agree that all of the numbers are even worse today.
My mental model for social issues is that they are mostly rooted in economics. If you have a society that generates wealth, you can pay teachers, doctors, and police well enough to attract competent candidates and the competition necessary to create real expertise. You can afford to build and maintain good infrastructure and spend time on figuring out how to best help the disadvantaged. You have the resources to advance technology and support the arts. You get all the positive feedback loops that come with this.
When wealth generation becomes concentrated and restricted, public institutions start to struggle, people feel they have less opportunity, and social issues start to bubble up like the formation of outgroups of all kinds. A massive oversimplifation, I know, but a useful general framework to approaching issues that avoids (mis)placing blame on cultural degeneracy, "evil" corporations, or other common scapegoats that are largely symptoms of greater problems.
Today, this mindset seems to align with the conservative right, but in the 1986 article it's the "liberal answer" to the problem of ghettos that I identify with:
In Chicago the harbinger of the change was the closing in the late fifties of the stockyards, which for half a century were the sine qua non of lower-class grunt work and a heavy employer of blacks. Chicago lost 200,000 jobs in the seventies; small shut-down redbrick factories that used to make products like boxes and ball bearings dot the city, especially the West Side. The lack of jobs, the argument continues, caused young men in the ghetto to adopt a drifting, inconstant life; to turn to crime; to engage in exaggeratedly macho behavior -- acting tough, not studying, bullying women for money -- as a way to get the sense of male strength that their fathers had derived from working and supporting families. As Murray believes that one simple step, ending all welfare programs, would heal the ghettos, the unemployment school believes that another simple step, jobs, would heal them. "When there's a demand for the participation of the black underclass in the labor force, most of the so-called problems people talk about will evaporate in a generation," says John McKnight. an urban-research professor at Northwestern University.
Indeed, Mr. McKnight. And up until this spring, it looked like the Trump presidency's aggressively pro-jobs and pro-American workers policy was showing promise of vindicating this view - the presence of BLM and racial tensions leading up to 2016 had all but subsided by 2018-2019. I wonder just how little backlash the George Floyd incident would have caused if the pandemic hadn't undone the economic progress of the past 3 years.
Mind you, that "progress" was but a tiny step in the right direction in terms of improving wages and opportunities for the lowest earners. And for all the times the "audit the fed" meme hit the top of the_donald, it now seems impossible that the current administration has any capability or willingness to take the drastic steps needed to address the real root cause that apparently started 50 years ago. To do that, we may need an actual revolution.
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Reasons why NANO fails and will keep failing until some things change

Dear NANO community,
This is going to be a long post where I will discuss why NANO under performed and will keep under performing in this bull run unless some things change.
I'm going to start up with straight facts with the famous quote of Floyd Mayweather: "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie".
If you feel offended by some of this, facts don't care about your feelings.
Technical Analysis
In the time where BTC Dominance fell from peak of 74% to 56% and keeps falling, NANO has moved from its low of 0.0000640 sats to a price of 0.0000950 sats. That is about 50% gain if you bought on the absolute low, but looking at the monthly chart, we can see that NANO has basically been in the range of 0.0001400 sats to 0.0000750 sats ever since July of 2019 (for more than 2 years).
The all time high of NANO was 0.0028, so this price is currently 96% down in terms of BTC .
With this price NANO is falling out of top 100 cryptocurrency based on market cap.

My thoughts: Considering that entire altcoin market is moving and that it keeps reaching new highs, this is very concerning for NANO and one can only ask themselves why does NANO keep falling behind?
Why does on every Bitcoin pump price falls hardest and on every day when other altcoins go up 30%, NANO only goes up 10%.
Reasons why NANO is lagging on the market:
We all know that NANO has near instantaneous transactions and is fee-less which is why most of us fell in love with this cryptocurrency.
Problem is that it has little to no adoption. What does it matter if NANO is feeless, when you don't have an exchange that will make a NANO/USD conversion for 0%.
Who cares if STR, XRP and other fast coins have like 0.01$ fee if either way, exchange will take 1% or more fees from you.?
If XRP has better exchange, they can easily be more cost efficient than NANO because of this problem. Devs need to be much more proactive rather than sit and wait while entire market is eating you alive.
Proposed solution: Nano needs to invest more in marketing and in making a deal with exchange that will be liquid enough and provide little to no fees on NANO.

I am a NANO holder ever since 2018 and it's been a long ride with constant buying at the end of each month with average buy of 2$ when I look at it totally.
This is not that bad considering NANO's massive fall and what some other holders had to go through.
Let's remind ourselves again, NANO has 0% inflation. And yet NANO's price doesn't grow. Where as other cryptocurrencies have 5-10% inflation and they are over-performing NANO massively.
NANO holders get no rewards from holding NANO which is a big problem. People call this an advantage and I somewhat agree, but NANO holders need to be rewarded with something, because crypto space doesn't care about inflation.
Proposed solution: Introduce POS (Proof of Stake) with inflation of 5% where NANO holders will be able to stake their NANO and receive 5% more NANO each year. You can do this or make it 6% and after each 2 years, there is halving of inflation. Imagine how coins get hyped when their rewards per year get cut in half. NANO has 0% inflation and it doesn't get any hype. It's already scarce, but people fail to see it.

Current bull run has been ignited with DEFI and because people see that they can earn up to 3-5% daily income just for holding ERC20 token like BAT, BAL, LINK etc. There's even been introudect WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) and WETH (Wrapped Ethereum), which means that people can hold their cryptocurrency which they would hold even if there weren't any rewards and they get 3-5% daily income + the chance of the DEFI coin actually pumping by 1000+% which many of them have done in the past month.
Because of all of this people are massively buying ERC20 tokens just to get these gains daily.
What has NANO do to interact with this entire DEFI space? Absolutely nothing.
Did they try to introduce wNANO (wrapped NANO) like Ethereum and Bitcoin did? No.
They just kept working on some other bullshit even-though protocol is in of itself 99% perfect and working. They keep focusing their energy on technology when technology is already better than anything else on the crypto market. NANO is currently the best fast cryptocurrency and it is not even close.
Proposed solution: Devs need to start focusing energy on things that matter and which will help the price and not dump their stash and blindly look how everything else keeps growing.

This is similar to reason number 2 but it has to be said separately. Just ask yourself, who benefits of BTC markets? Miners.
Who benefits of any other POS market? All of the holders.
And then with this money you can finance devs which will work on the currency and will by this raise the price and the whole cycle repeats itself.
So all of these things have in common that people are making money of doing something for the ecosystem. On one hand resources get paid, on the other people that are loyal to the project.
NANO has one of the best and largest communities in cryptocurrency and numbers confirm this, yet there is no special way for any of us to benefit of of this. Everything is open source and people make everything for free.
Proposed solution: Introduce mechanism so that community members can earn money of holding NANO.

Conclusion: Nano is an amazing currency, but there are many things that need to fall in place in order for it to stop falling behind the market.
It's sad that investing in what is called a "safest" altcoin Ethereum, would've made you much better gains than even buying NANO on the all time low would.
This post is meant to be constructive criticism and to in the end open peoples mind on current problem NANO has in the space.
Please share this post so more people and hopefully devs can see it and so that we all as a community can start working towards our goal of NANO becoming one of most utilized cryptocurrencies in the world.
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Bitcoin "pro" chart, from the perspective of a merchant?

I'm looking to post a chart/image on my FB feed outlining the positive aspects of bitcoin for a a merchant. Anybody have a good one?
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Axion - A Global Currency, Built To Serve The People

What is Axion? Per Axion's website:

AXION is the answer to our global financial markets that are on the brink of disaster.
The original solution to this impending collapse was Bitcoin, a decentralized peer-to-peer currency. However, since its inception, certain aspects of Bitcoin, such as lack of speed and high fees, have shifted Bitcoin into more of a store-of-value than a currency. Axion is the currency to address that.
With a high-interest time-locked savings account, Participants in the Axion Network are rewarded daily.

How is AXION distributed?

Anyone holding Hex2T (pre-sale) tokens will receive AXION at a rate of 1:1

Hex holders will also receive AXION 1:1, limited at 10M AXION tokens. Hex holders will also be auto-locked for a year, with 2% releasing weekly. More details can be found in the whitepaper. If Hex holders do not claim their AXION tokens, they will become available for purchase in the Daily Auction every week.

The Daily Auction

Putting Tokens and Value into your pocket.

To get Axion, it needs to be claimed by Hex & Hex2T holders, the longer they wait to claim, the more penalties they face. About 2% of their total per week. This 2% is added into a daily auction pool where people can bid using ETH on the Axion tokens within it. If you bid 10% of the ETH on that day, you get 10% of the pool rewards.
80% of the ETH paid in the auction is then used to hyperdrive both the Axion token and the stakers earnings. First, the ETH is used to purchase the tokens, boosting the token price, and then those tokens are distributed to stakers, creating a very strong positive feedback loop.

Axion Vision

Axion is on the path to becoming the ideal global currency.

For the first time in history, inflation is increasing the purchasing power of the people within the network. Axion has partnerships lined up to be integrated in online and in-person payment solutions, where you can pay for nearly everything in your every-day life using Axion. The merchants can accept FIAT (converted from Axion), or Axion itself. This is a global movement.

Axion: Built to Scale

500 Billion Initial Total Supply
1:1 Freeclaim ratio for Hex2T and Hex holders
80% of ETH Earned in auctions is used to buy back tokens
8% Annual inflation that goes Directly to stakers
100% of all purchased tokens Are distributed to stakers
No Auto-Stake For hex2t holders 100% autostake for hex holders

How to buy:

**Video Tutorials:**Metamask Install – Axion (HEX2T) –
How Do I Buy Axion (HEX2T)?
Step One: Purchase Ethereum from your exchange of choice (Coinbase, Binance, etc). You can also purchase Ethereum through Metamask and have it sent directly to your Metamask wallet (More details on this in Step Three). If buying through Coinbase, you’ll have the option to use a linked bank account or a debit card. Funds purchased via linked bank account will have a hold period while the bank transaction clears, funds purchased via debit card will be available for use instantly.
Step Two: Install the Metamask desktop browser extension and set up your Ethereum Wallet. You may also install the Metamask app on your Android smartphone and follow the same set up process in the linked video. (Apologies iOS users, the iOS Metamask app has restrictions that disable necessary features, you’ll have to use the desktop browser extension)
Step Three: Once you have your Metamask wallet set up and your seed words properly saved, it’s time to deposit Ethereum to your wallet.
– If you’ve purchased Ethereum on an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance, you’ll have to copy your wallet address from Metamask and withdraw the Ethereum from the exchange to your Metamask wallet address that you just copied. Be sure to check the wallet address multiple times before sending as transactions can not be reversed.
– If you’d like to purchase Ethereum directly through Metamask, you can do so using the Wyre fiat gateway that is integrated into Metamask.
Step Four: Now that you have Ethereum in your Metamask wallet, you can head over to our listing on the Uniswap Exchange to purchase Axion (HEX2T). We recommend using Fast GAS to speed up your transactions. You may also have to click on the gear icon in the top right on Uniswap to adjust your slippage limit when buying larger amounts.
– If using the Metamask app on Android, you’ll have to access the in-app browser through the menu (three bars top left of app) and paste the provided link.
– You will see a “From” input that should have ETH as the selected currency pointing to a “To (estimated)” output that should have HEX2T as the selected currency. The “From” input is the amount of Ethereum you will be spending and the “To (estimated)” output is the amount of HEX2T that you will receive for that amount of Ethereum.
– Once you enter the amount of Ethereum you’d like to spend, the button at the bottom of the page should say “Approve”. This “Approve” function allows the exchange to access Ethereum in your wallet, which is necessary to complete this transaction. You’ll click the “Approve” button and the exchange will send a transaction to your wallet, which you will have to confirm. Wait for that Approve transaction to clear and once it does the button should change from “Approve” to “Swap”.
– Now that you’ve given the exchange permission to use the Ethereum in your wallet, you can click the “Swap” button. This will send another transaction to your wallet that you’ll have to confirm. Once that transaction clears, you’ll have successfully purchased HEX2T with Ethereum!
Side Note: If you can’t see the HEX2T that you’ve purchased in your Metamask wallet’s Asset list, you’ll have to add the token to your Asset list. At the bottom of the Asset list you will see an “Add Token” button, click on that and you’ll see a “Search” and a “Custom Token” tab. Click on the “Custom Token” tab and paste the following address (0xed1199093b1abd07a368dd1c0cdc77d8517ba2a0) into the “Custom Token Address” field, the rest of the info should auto-fill. Then click the “Next” button in the bottom right, and it should display your HEX2T balance, click the “Add Tokens” button and you should now see your HEX2T in your Asset list.
**How Do I Sell Axion (HEX2T)?**To sell Axion (HEX2T), you essentially do the inverse of what you did to purchase it.Step One: Head over to Uniswap Exchange and click on ETH in the “From” input, a drop down list will appear and you’ll select HEX2T. In the “To (estimated)” output, click on “Select a Token” and select ETH. To clarify, if you want to sell, HEX2T should be on top, ETH should be on bottom.
Step Two: Enter the amount of HEX2T you’d like to sell in the “From” input, the button at the bottom of the page should say “Approve”. This “Approve” function allows the exchange to access HEX2T in your wallet, which is necessary to complete this transaction. You’ll click the “Approve” button and the exchange will send a transaction to your wallet, which you will have to confirm. Wait for that Approve transaction to clear and once it does the button should change from “Approve” to “Swap”.
– Now that you’ve given the exchange permission to use the HEX2T in your wallet, you can click the “Swap” button. This will send another transaction to your wallet that you’ll have to confirm. Once that transaction clears, you’ll have successfully sold HEX2T for Ethereum!
If at any point you feel that you need help in this process, please do not hesitate to join our fast growing Discord or Telegram. Once you’re in either of those communities you’ll be able to ask an admin or moderator for assistance.


Their legal proposal is 95% complete, per their Discord announcement - and most likely be finished in the coming days.


According to the infamous Jeff K...



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How to use the BtcTurk | PRO app

How to log in
1-Click the ‘LOG IN’ button and log in with the email and password you registered with previously. If you are not registered with BtcTurk yet, it only takes five minutes to set up an account through the app.
2-After signing in, enter your two-factor verification code. This will have either been sent to via SMS or will be generated on your Authenticator app.
WARNING: If you see a security image different from the one created for you or you don’t see any security image at all, DO NOT enter your verification code.
3-After successfully entering the verification code, you will be asked to create a password or for permission to use your fingerprint as an additional security measure. If you prefer the password option over fingerprint, we suggest you create a new password which you don’t use on other apps or websites.


1-You can display all trading pairs in the app and filter them as TRY, BTC or USDT pairs. You can also assign certain pairs as favourites for instant access.
2-When you pick a specific pair, you can monitor price charts, order book, best trading price, highest and lowest price in the last 24 hours, volume information and more with just one tap.

Your pocket

1-You can display the sum of your assets in Turkish Lira, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your currency of choice.
2-With just one swipe you can see your available balances and carry out transactions. Managing your money has never been easier on a cryptocurrency app.

Fast transactions

1-The BtcTurk app makes it quick and easy to operate market, stop and limit orders with the ability to limit your balance to 25%, 50% or 75% of your holdings per trade.
2-All of your live transactions are available to view at a glance. They can be canceled with a simple swipe.
3-You can save your bank account information and usable Bitcoin accounts in order to facilitate swift deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit limit is 0.0001 BTC.

Your account

1-Analyzing your actions is an important step in your efforts to be successful in the cryptocurrency markets. Using filters allows you to see and manage your account activities.
2-More notifications or fewer...the choice is yours. Manage your notifications and alerts based on your interests, and decide how BtcTurk PRO contacts you.
3-You can change your password, remove or change your PIN code and safely log out whenever you want.
For more info, visit:
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Having to keep on changing Precision Setting (decimal places). Why?

I'm a Pro+ member and can therefore save 10 separate charts.
If I'm on my saved GBP/USD chart with Chart Settings > Symbol > Precision 1/10000 so it shows 4 decimal places and then go to my separate saved Bitcoin chart it shows the same precision setting, even though I've changed the Bitcoin chart 100 times back to Precision Setting 1/1. And then if I go back to my saved GBP/USD chart again it's now Precision Setting 1/1, the same as Bitcoin so I have to save it back to 1/10000 again.
So, what's the point in paying to have 10 separate charts if I can't have different settings on each one if I want to? It's massively annoying.
Unless I'm doing something wrong?
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MCS | MCS, Recognized by Famous Media in the World

MCS | MCS, Recognized by Famous Media in the World
Greetings from MCS, the derivatives trading platform where traders ALWAYS come first.

Following the last post on the credible data providers that approved MCS in the cryptocurrency market, this post will look at what global cryptocurrency specialized media channels recognized MCS.

1. is a comprehensive blockchain company founded by a famous blockchain investor and entrepreneur Roger Ver. News, a subsidiary of, is one of the largest cryptocurrency media companies in the cryptocurrency industry and reports all news on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. .
Meet MCS on

2. Coin Readers
Coin Readers is a blockchain specialized media that analyzes news on various technologies and trends that lead the 4th Industrial Revolution ecosystem through blockchain, and delivers them to the public quickly and accurately.
Meet MCS on Coin Readers:

3. Bitcoin Insider
Bitcoin Insider is one of the largest cryptocurrency media that provides cryptocurrency market data and reports related news.
Meet MCS on Bitcoin Insider:

4. Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance is a media outlet that is part of the US Internet search engine, Yahoo. Yahoo Finance provides global financial quotes, news, and data, and is also known for its pro-blockchain attitude.
Meet MCS on Yahoo Finance:

5. Visionary Financial
Visionary Financial is a global media founded in 2018. It provides the latest news around the world and is known for providing influential information with a focus on blockchain industry analysis.
Meet MCS on Visionary Financial:

6. is a media channel that provides global financial news, and data such as real-time financial asset prices and cryptocurrency prices to individual traders. It also provides exchange rates and Forex charts.
Meet MCS on

7. Digital Journal
Digital Journal is a global digital media network with contributors from all over the world. Global news is reported, and news articles of Digital Journals are posted on various platforms including its website, Facebook, and Twitter.
Meet MCS on Digital Journal:
We have looked at the trusted global cryptocurrency media that introduced MCS. The last post and this post clearly show that the MCS Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform, a new exchange that has only been launched for only 4 months, has already been recognized for its reliability and technology by numerous reputable institutions.

Traders ALWAYS come first on MCS.
Thank you.

MCS Website:
MCS Official Twitter (EN):
MCS Official Facebook:
MCS Telegram Chat (EN):
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A trading system based on indicator CCI

A trading system based on indicator CCI
Wikipedia Commodity channel index
Commodity Index indicator is very simple in fact, though it has such a fancy name. Indicators in TSLab are based on C#. For those who have programming skills we provide API and indicator code samples at our Forum. CCI is available in TSLab as other indicators as well, but I would like to demonstrate a self-made one built according to wiki formulas. It is very easy to build new indicators by means of TSLab. CCI consists of Typical Price and Simple Moving Average. TSLab already has all to create CCI, but I showed in the indicator how to create Typical Price and Simple Moving Average. I urge you to study indicators. Making changes to indicators you get a chance to create a better one. Here is a customized CCI indicator. I applied adaptive moving average instead of simple moving average. And I applied exponential average instead of typical price. The chart in the middle shows the original CCI and the self-made one. As you may see their values are identical, as CCI in TSLab is done as it is described in wiki.
The lowest chart shows the customized indicator. It has clearly seen divergences.
Though it is not so unstable as the original one, it seems to be more flat. Wiki offers 2 types of strategies, saying that there are different points of view on this indicator. To build these strategies I am going to use my customized indicator instead of the original one. Some people think that in case with long positions we should buy, when CCI is higher than 100 and sell, when it is lower than 100. And for short positions – Sell when CCI is lower than -100 and close a short position, when CCI is higher than -100. For example this strategy doesn’t seem to be profitable with bitcoin at all.
Other people recommend using zero value as a signal calling this strategy Zero CCI. It means - buy (open a long position or close a short position), when Commodity Index is higher than zero or sell (close a long position, open a short position), when CCI is below zero.
Let’s build a script which comprises both variants and resolve the dispute by means of optimization. If we think a bit we can see that there is one more strategy besides these two, this is to use average of CCI instead of signal lines. And we can at least combine all three strategies together. For example, we can enter a position at about zero point. And close long positions when CCI crosses its average, when the indicator is higher than 100 and lower than -100 for short positions. My customized indicator won’t do for this strategy because of divergences. The original one won’t do either as it is not stable and there can be many false signals. Try to create an indicator as flat as mine or even better but with fewer divergences.
Good luck to everyone!
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First step to collaboration? Don't be so defensive!

For the last few months, I had been actively and deliberately avoiding participating in the ABC/BCHN/BU communication channels. I did that because I find it difficult to separate facts from assumptions/fictions/opinions. I did not want to allow those things to cloud my personal judgment. Please allow me to say a few things that may seem super obvious.
Collaboration is better than conflicts. I highly recommend people to watch this video on the findings from their experiments.
There are actually many other studies backing up the same claim. Source:
As Michael Jordan, “the greatest basketball player of all time,” once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
I don’t know about you, but I plan to win championships.
I have absolutely no conflicts with Amaury nor Bitcoin ABC. As a matter of fact, I even offered to help Bitcoin ABC build up their goodwill in the ecosystem, and I specifically said I don’t need to be paid. Because the moment I get paid by Bitcoin ABC, it becomes harder to defend one’s position.
This was before the creation of BCHN. Once BCHN happened, I sense that things won’t be pretty. The reason is very simple. There are multiple levels of anger. For a group of people to band together for the same cause, I would argue that level of anger must be pretty high up the charts. And usually it comes with good reasons.
Now, it is not that Amaury is a bad person. It is just that he lacks certain skills to work collaboratively. Yes, Amaury has some flaws, so what? That is part and parcel of being a human being, what’s the shame in admitting some mistakes? In fact, it is important to recognize one’s flaws because if a fish is being asked to run a marathon, it will finish last. We have to play to our strengths and not encourage the fish to keep running marathons. And so I find it puzzling that pro-ABC people keeps on condoning or even encouraging such behaviors, because such actions ultimately harm Bitcoin ABC more than helping.
As studies had shown, collaboration is the better path leading to better outcomes, higher trust, less stress, and many other benefits. And therefore, Amaury’s lack of certain skills should not be an impediment to Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin Cash. We have some flaws, that’s normal and we should do something about it, we are not immovable trees.
I would like to suggest that both Bitcoin ABC and BCHN limit the rhetoric and discuss individual issues based on their merits. Issue XYZ is good or bad? Here are the facts why it’s good. Here are the evidence why it’s bad. There is no need to be emotional or defensive about it. This is how collaborative people work productively together. It may take some effort, but it’s worth it because the collective intelligence of the community just went up by such constructive discussions.
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DCAtheDips - probably the most fun, effective, and easy strategy to stack sats

Firstly, remember the core rules of the Bitcoin collecting game:
  1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose!
  2. Do your own research (seek opinions from many different perspectives)
  3. Not your keys, not your coin. (Use third party exchanges/online wallets very sparingly, and hodl in a wallet that you alone have copies of the private key words/code to.)
After that, if you want to stack sats like the hodling pros, try this:
Budget Your Allowance Set aside a "DCA" (dollar cost averaging) allotment for the month, or whatever time period makes sense to you. Budget this as an ante for playing the Bitcoin game. If you lose the game (unlikely, but obviously possible), you lose the ante.
Watch for Opportunities to Make Your Moves If you see a reasonable, or bigger, sale on Bitcoin use a portion of your monthly allotment to buy some. If it drops more, or just stays low for a while, buy more. Repeat until your allotment is gone. For clues as to what's a reasonable drop, look at a chart of the past 6 months or something to get an idea of the kinds of peaks and drops we tend to have. Don't spend much time doing this, as this is supposed to be a fun game. If it feels overwhelming, just set a simple rule, like "If it drops 3%, spend 1/3 of the remaining allowance." so you don't second guess yourself. Tweak this rule if it gets too boring, or stressful. You can, of course, keep your monthly allotment on an exchange and set a bot to buy at a certain dip point. But that's terribly boring! You don't want to be boring do you? (Also, keeping money on an exchange is not great (see rule #3), so it's better to use a service/person that allows you to buy directly from your bank account, or cash, or whatever.)
Patience is a Virtue If it doesn't dip enough, or at all, then just roll over your allotment to the next month. Patience can be a little boring. I know. And we want to avoid that. But we also don't want to lose the game! During those dip-free times, make dumb memes, or go outside for a walk or something. Bitcoin will "do something" soon enough, you can be sure of it.
This DCAtheDips strategy gives you the benefits of DCA, making sure you don't go all in on a peak, and keeping you within a less scary budget, while also giving you some wiggle room, and fun, trying to time things to your benefit.
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✴Bitcoin Customer Care Phone Number +☎𝟏𝟴𝟰𝟰✍𝟗𝟭𝟎✍2𝟑𝟎𝟭 Toll Free ✴USA CANADA $#[email protected]#&#@",>>✴✪

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What does Bitcoin cost Bitcoin Online Wireless tech support phone number will fix problems of s technical center will help you with customer service care for instant ink. Contact desk helpline helpdesk over 1 800 1800 Toll-free Tollfree telephone or Chat with an agent line live person 24x7 hours for USA CANADA scanner Thermal label id card barcode troubleshooting offline instant ink issues in hour BUSINESS info for advanced pro services if how to password not working. is ts account protection plan renewal services for purchase yearly subscription membership lookup, contact tech support care phone number to charge call customer service telephone & get computer laptop plans help 123 center helpline by 24×7 site online remote total desk technical Helpdesk on 1800 1 800 tollfree toll-free to USA Canada for email billing automatic contract pricing chart website warranty 2 year claim hours or chat live with an agent person line now to schedule appointment for hacked account forgot password recovery reset in business hour. And best-known service providers today and people have been very reliant on it. Recently this service was taken over by AT & T. If you need to sign in to your Bitcoin account or have forgotten your password, you must visit the official website of Bitcoin . In some cases you can call our Bitcoin support phone number to recover your Bitcoin account, also.

Have you ever experienced a situation where your account was hacked and you no longer have access to it? It happens that one person owns many online accounts on different websites and many of us have the same passwords so we cannot forget them. For the hackers, however, it becomes easier to guess these passwords. However, hacking is not the only reason for losing access to your account. It happens that you have forgotten the password or you want to change it for security reasons.
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BITCOIN BREAKDOWN WATCH A PRO DESTROY THE 1 MIN CHART OVER ... Gratis Wordpress Plugin – Bitcoin-Charts für Ihre Website [Bitcoin deutsch] COINBASE PRO TUTORIAL - [Everything You Need To Know ... Bitcoin kaufen in der Praxis Anleitung / Tutorial - YouTube How To Trade Bitcoin Charts For Beginners: Is Bitcoin a fast money making scam?

Bei Bitcoin Pro handelt es sich um einen Krypto Roboter. Dahinter steckt eine automatische Trading Software, die den Tradern das Leben erleichtern soll. Der Trading Bot übernimmt dabei beispielsweise die Analyse und das Scannen des Krypto Marktes. Im Falle der Bitcoin Pro App ist es natürlich der Bitcoin, der hier im Fokus steht. Also berechnet die automatische Trading Software auf der ... Der Bitcoin - Euro Chart zeigt die Entwicklung des Bitcoin - Euro in grafischer Form und erlaubt somit einen schnellen Überblick über Kursverlauf, Höchst- und Tiefststände. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Quarkcoin, Worldcoin, Feathercoin - marktpreis, belohnung, schwierigkeit, hashrate, marktkapitalisierung ... Price charts Bitcoin price. Bitcoin price (BTC) Add to Watchlist $ 13,070.01 +0.56%. 1h. 24h. 1w. 1m. 1y. all. $0.0000 January 1 12:00 AM. 10:56 AM 3:06 PM 7:17 PM 11:27 PM 3:38 AM 7:48 AM. Market cap $ 242.4B. Volume (24 hours) $ 23.6B. Circulating supply 18.5 M BTC. About Bitcoin. The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ... Blockchain Charts Die vertrauenswürdigste Quelle für Daten auf der Bitcoin-Blockkette. Währungsstatistik Blockdetails Mining-Informationen Netzwerkaktivität Wallet-Aktivität Marktsignale. Beliebte Stats. Marktpreis. Der durchschnittliche USD-Marktpreis an den wichtigsten Bitcoin-Börsen. Durchschnittliche Blockgröße (MB) Die durchschnittliche Blockgröße in den letzten 24 Stunden in ...

[index] [24185] [3664] [19409] [22046] [46000] [18369] [49551] [9140] [45380] [2807]


Hier geht's zum Download: Wir haben aus dem eigenen Bedarf heraus ein kleines aber fe... Click SHOW MORE or small arrow to the right of the title if on mobile. BitSeven SIGN UP FREE BYBIT as a back up ,must use a vpn ... BECOME A FUNDED FUTURES TRADER (20% OFF): BECOME A FUNDED FOREX TRADER (20% OFF): 2... Interested in the In's and Out's of COINBASE PRO? Well this Coinbase Pro tutorial will show you exactly how. Subscribe for more awesome videos and a chance a... This video also explains how to read bitcoin price and candlestick charts, one of the most useful ways to view a bitcoin chart today. The candlestick charts are packed full of data that can help a ...